Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Paper Cactus

It's a snow day today!
...Except there is no snow...
But I'm so happy that I finally have time to post on the blog!
This past month,
I have been doing track conditioning.
This past week,
the actual track practices have started.
Come to find out...
I thought I signed up for 1 hour practice on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday.
Ends up...
I signed up for 2 hour practices Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday!
It may have been just a little misunderstanding....
But oh well!
It will be good for me!
This snow day is a good break,
I decided to start out my morning with making paper cacti!
Green Paper
Hot Glue Gun 
I started out by sketching a cactus shape.
(I also traced another straight cactus next to my base cactus,
so I can fold them together at the end to get a 3D effect!)
I painted stripes.
You can do whatever you want!
Polkadots, chevron, or maybe even dotted lines!
I cut them out.
I also cut a slit down the middle.
I figured out that the middle part of the cactus wouldn't stay unless I added a line of hot glue.
Drum roll...
Lovely cacti.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Daisy, I'm Laura from Italy.
    Lovely project!
    Thanks for your tutorial... I will try it!