Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Burlap Flower Magnet Clips

First day of Thanksgiving break!
Whoop, Whoop!
Everyone comes over to our house for Thanksgiving,
so my mom is downstairs cleaning her heart out,
and I'm upstairs craftin' away.
Me & a good friend are doing a craft show in December,
so I'm actually crafting with a purpose.
I will give y'all more details on the craftshow soon if you live local.
It will be my first craft show ever.
I can not wait!
Today I have been making burlap flower magnet clips.
I love coming up with the endless combinations of flowers!

-Burlap Ribbon with Frayed Edges
-Any Ribbon, Strips of Fabric, or Rope you want
-Hot Glue Gun
-Magnet Clip
Start off by pulling a thread from the burlap, 
so it will scrunch up into a flower shape.
{The picture below has a close-up of pulling the threads.}
Then cut the flower from the rest of the ribbon.
Start pulling a thread from the other side.
Glue the edges together & glue the center together.
(It may be time for me to get a new glue gun. :) 
It's lookin' pretty rough!)
Your flower should be looking something like this.
Now on to the fun part!
Go here to learn how to make the flowers for the center.
After you hot glue on your flower to the middle of the burlap flower,
hot glue the whole thing onto the clip.
Now take in all the cuteness!
I put mine on a pushpin to stick on my inspiration boards.
I thought they would also look super cute on the fridge!
I would love to hear where you put yours!
Y'all have fun crafting,