Saturday, April 19, 2014

DIY Polka-Dot Sweatshirt

I am dodging every blanket on my bed,
and typing with the very edge of my fingertips.
Because freshly painted nails will be smudged by anything.
I usually don't paint my nails this late at night...
but EASTER is tomorrow!
And my nails just have to match my dress...!
I just love easter so so much.
My new mint nail color also happens to match my new favorite DIY!
My polka dot sweatshirt!

It is SO super duper easy to make.
{Collect your supplies}
Flat surface// book or cardboard could work
Fabric Paint
Slide the book under where you will begin painting your dots.
Be careful!
My paint bled through my fabric onto the book...
Use the eraser as your brush,
and dot away!
Once you are finished,
iron the dots to "set" them into the fabric.
Now pair it with some bright shorts and a funky necklace,
 and you are set!
This is my first bold necklace to ever buy,
so I'm a pretty happy girl. :)
Fun shot to show my obsession with banners...!

I hope everyone has a very Happy Easter!
The easter egg hunts are fun, the clothes are cute, the easter bunny brings lovely gifts,
but don't forget the reason behind it all.
Jesus Christ died for our sins.
Thank goodness.

Y'all have fun crafting,

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