Monday, May 27, 2013

Book Page Art

Welcome to my first post!
I have always had a love for blogs, but I realized there are not many blogs written by teen girls.
I'm here to change that.
This blog is for all of you girls who love crafts, but have no idea where to start.
I'm here to help pave the road of your creative journey!
I'm gonna post easy and cheap tutorials to keep your summer full of fun!
This easy book page art is a good place to start.

Here is what I did..
First, I gathered my supplies.

- Modge-Podge
- black (or any color you want) craft paint
- old book
- cute stencil (I chose a bird stencil.)
- round foam brush
- scrap wood (You can use a canvas also.)
- wide brush

I painted on a base coat of Modge-Podge.
Then, I added the pages.

I painted another coat of Modge-Podge on top of the pages.
(Tip: When you have bubbles in the paper, smooth them out with your fingers.)

 I wrapped the edges of the paper around the side of the wood. 

I continued to add the pages until the wood was covered.
I had to fold the paper at the corners to get it to lay flat.

I waited for it to dry.

While it is drying,
I washed my brush immediately!
(The Modge-Podge will harden the brush if you don't wash it out.)

After it had dried, I started stenciling!
I laid the stencil out,

 and added paint with the sponge brush.
I made sure that I didn't have too much paint on my brush.
And, I dabbed lightly on top of the stencil.

Once it was dry, I had a perfect piece of art for my room!

Y'all enjoy crafting,


  1. What a great, easy project! You sound like a very creative girl!

  2. Wow Daisy! Great job! I'll have to show this project to my daughter - looks like something she'd enjoy making. Keep creating and blogging and we'll be sure to check back.

    Peace, Shawna
    Snohomish WA

  3. What was the book?
    Sorry, curiosity is just eating me alive.
    The craft looks amazing.

    1. Thank you! And to be honest..I have no idea! The library at my school was giving away old books for free, so I picked some up. Sorry!