Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cereal Box Kite with Wash-tape Bows

Summer is the most exciting, 
yet laziest season of the year.
My summer days usually roll as follows;
craft, swim, sleep.
I usually stay in pj's until noon,
and eat at random times to work around my crafting. 
My craft for today was to bring a small piece of summer into my bedroom.
I decided on creating a kite.
They are "summery" right?!

I used supplies that most everyone should have around their house. (Excluding the washi-tape!)

- cereal box
- paint brush
- scissors
- ruler
- washi-tape (You can also use ribbon.)
- string (I used bakers twine, but any kind of yarn or string will work!)
- pencil (Learn from my mistakes, and do not use a sharpie!)
- paint
- masking tape (not shown)

To start out, I drew a pattern for my kite.
(Trace it out on the back side so you can't see your lines later!)

Cut it out,

Paint it any color you want, 
and embellish with the design of your choice!
Now on to the tail...

Cut the washi tape to 4 inches.

Fold the washi-tape in half.

Cut the ends to neaten up the edge.

Pinch the washi-tape in the middle.

Tie a knot in the middle of each piece of washi tape.

Tape the tail on the kite with a piece of masking tape.

Now I have a cute piece of summer in my room!

Ya'll have fun crafting,

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