Saturday, May 10, 2014

Crafternoon's 3 & 4

2 more crafternoon successes! 
More laughs, messes, mod-podge, and memories.
I hosted a crafternoon for the younger girls on Saturday,
and a crafternoon for the older girls on Sunday!
The girls were so creative in every craft we made.
They were even creative on the crafts that I thought would involve "no thinking"!

They spent so much time coming up the perfect design.
It was oh so fun to watch and be a part of!
The first day went very well.
I was nervous the little girls wouldn't handle mod-podge well,
but boy was I wrong!
I always have so much fun setting up for the crafternoons!
Whenever I have spare time after school,
(which is very rare these days),
I start setting up for the weekend.
In the middle of the crafternoons,
we took a nice little snack break!
I made oreo pops!
They were yuuuummmyy.
The girls loved them!
I also popped some popcorn and served up some pink lemonade.
The girls were too cute not to snap random pictures of. :)
On Sunday,
I made crafternoon history.
13 girls made for the largest crafternoon yet!
All of the girls were so fun.
There will definitely be more crafternoons to come!
Y'all have fun crafting,

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