Monday, June 23, 2014

Potato Stamp Bag

A few days ago my family was doing some grocery shopping,
and when we passed the produce section.
The potatoes caught my eye.
the potatoes don't grab my attention.
But it just so happened that earlier that day,
 I had seen a stamp carved out of a potato on Pinterest.
So of course,
I had to try out myself,
and for $.79 it was totally worth it.
I ended up with a really cool bag!
I'm happy the potatoes caught my eye in the grocery store.

Canvas Bag
Paper Towels
Fabric Paint
Begin by stuffing a paper towel or two in the bag,
so the paint won't bleed through.
Cut the potato in half.
Carve a triangle!
Be super duper careful not to accidentally cut yourself....
I may be speaking from experience...whoops. :)
Now to the fun part,
Be sure to have plenty of paint on the potato when you stamp.
The potato has a slightly uneven surface,
which makes the outcome have a cool distressed look.
There are lots of fun designs you could carve,

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