Saturday, July 26, 2014

Flea Market Finds

The Nashville flea market may be one of my favorite places on planet earth.
Lots of hip people.
And lots of cool junk.
Even though it was blazing hot today,
and everyone was sweating,
I was in my happy place and could care less about the heat.
I had a fabulous day of junking with two of my bestest friends!
You gotta take a look at my finds!

Today was the day of cool clothing & accessory finds!
Not much decor.
I found lots of awesome stuff, 
and I saved my absolute favorite find for last! :)
Dress $10
Since my new color crush is gold,
I was so so happy when I saw this dress hanging up!
I thought it would be so cute with some fun jewelry,
and the ways to layer it are endless!
Mexican Skirt $12
What do ya know,
I fell in love with aztec print once again...
I couldn't help but buy it.
It will be so fun to wear with a tshirt tucked into it!
Table Runner with 4 Napkins $1
you saw it right, 
I originally picked up the table runner,
and thought it would make fun fabric to put in an embroidery hoop.
But then,
 the sweet, older couple sitting there told me I could have it for a dollar,
along with all of the napkins!
Now I think it would make the perfect decor for a fiesta styled party!
Maybe even a picnic??
Decisions. Decisions. 
Burlap Bags $6
I saw these burlap bags, 
and immediately thought I could sew them to look like my store-bought burlap bag below!
That is my next project.....
Peace Sign Bead $1
At the last flea market,
I bought leather ribbon so I could make bracelets out of it!
I think I will sew this onto the leather to jazz up the bracelet!
This is another project....
a project list is starting to form...
Custom Leather Cuff Bracelet $25
 but definitely not least,
is my leather cuff bracelet!
I can't even tell you how excited I am about it!
I noticed all the leather cuffs at a booth & immediately knew I was going to buy one.
I stood there for a while trying to find the one I wanted,
but I wasn't in love with any of them.
The guy noticed I really liked them,
so he called me over,
and asked if I wanted to design my own...
I picked out the strap I wanted! 
(Which are old belts. How cool is that.)
Then I chose my metal.
(Which are spoons. Even cooler.)
And then I chose to write "John 10:10" on it, 
which is my favorite verse of all time.
I can't wait to wear it and remember the story behind it.
Flea markets are so stinkin fun,
and today was pretty much the best ever.
Have fun crafting,

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