Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Today my house was full of giggles & cake.
Lila Mae turned 10!
She had 2 little friends over for a rainbow birthday party!
It made me want to set up a party of my own,
so I set up this little picnic in my backyard!

When I was younger,
me & my sisters had a place in the backyard called "The Fort".
It's a tree that has leaves surrounding the sides,
So it creates a room-y feel!
The ultimate place to play.

Now it makes the perfect nook for a picnic!
After some cleaning up,
It looks better than ever.

I set up little places for the plates & silverware.

And I collected flowers from the backyard!

I just bought the vintage towel in the middle from a yard sale!

I tied some rope in the tree & tied cute towels to it!
The picnic was lots of fun to set up,
But the 10 year old birthday party was even better!
Y'all have fun crafting,

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