Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How to Make a Pinwheel

Sorry about the lack of posts lately!
Life has kept me too busy.
I have been occupied with last minute summer outings,
school supply shopping,
and the hustle and bustle of the first few days of school.
I am back into routine,
and ready to blog again!
I thought a simple tutorial on pinwheels would be a great way to kick things off.

-Hot Glue Gun
-Straw (Anything you want to attach the pinwheel too.)
-Paper Cutter (A ruler and scissors would also work.)
Not Shown:
Cut your paper into a square.
A 4" by 4"square makes a smaller pinwheel,
and a 8" by 8" square makes a larger pinwheel.
cut straight lines from the corners toward the center.
Don't cut all the way through the end of the sheet.
Leave some space in the center for gluing and such.
I left about an inch or so in between the line from the opposite corner.
Fold every other corner in to the center,
and hot glue them down.
Once you have hot glued all of the corners down,
you are ready to find a cute center!
I chose a fun button.
Once you have hot-glued the button to the center,
you are done.
Aren't they just adorable?!
I think I might just pop a magnet on the back,
and hang it in my locker!
Y'all have fun crafting,

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  1. So totally cute! Your photography is so beautiful! Life to the full! Melissa