Monday, September 2, 2013

Book Page Wreath

I'm pretty sure the only reason I would want to become a teacher,
Is for the decorating part.
My room would be pretty cute.
The boys probably wouldn't like it...
My teachers at school have started asking me to decorate their rooms!
Right now I am working on my history teacher's room.
He's a man,
So I can't fill it with banners and such.
I decided to go the old maps and burlap route.
I thought a big wreath made out of an old history book would be fabulous.

It is super duper simple.
Gather your supplies.
-Card Board Ring (Make Yourself!)
-Old Book
-Hot Glue Gun
Tear the pages out,
 And roll them.
Glue them as you go.
This way they don't unravel. :)
(I like to pre make the rolls,
and then hot glue them to the cardboard ring at the end.)
Continue this process.
Tear. Roll. Glue.
Tear. Roll. Glue.
Tear. Roll. Glue.
Then hot glue the rolls to the cardboard in layers.
I only did two layers.
I hot glued the 1st layer to the edge of the cardboard, 
and overlapped it with the 2nd layer.

This would make for a super funky headboard!
Y'all have fun crafting,


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  1. That looks so cool! I can think of different kinds of wreaths depending on what kind of pages you use. Would be a great librarian gift! Twyla