Monday, September 16, 2013

Aztec Painted Sunglasses

It's basically all I can think about. 
I can't wait to wear my Polo hat backwards,
and let my hair get tangly in the breeze.
I can picture my neon painted toenails running through the sand,
and my sunglasses sliding off my slippery face full of sunscreen...
Hopefully I'll gain a few more freckles...
17 more days.
To get me in the "beachy" mood,
I painted my sunglasses with a fun aztec pattern.
It's like super duper easy.
All you need is paint.
A tooth pick.
And a pair of sunglasses.
It is pretty self explanatory. 
Do both sides,
and there you have it.
 I had a little too much fun modeling them... :)
All I need to say,
 is my friend Addison should become a photographer someday.
(Thanks girly!)
Y'all have fun crafting,

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