Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Chalkboard Wall

Feel free to call me a "Pinterest Junkie."
I am addicted.
I like to think it's for the good...
I mean...
It makes me put more effort into my clothes.
It inspires me to take cuter pictures on Instagram.
(My Instagram addiction is a whole other post.)
I stay more creative,
And I eat healthier. 
It inspired me to redo my room,
 Yet once again.
Welcome to my Pinterest inspired chalkboard wall.
I like the corky-ness of it.
I washi-tape pictures on it,
And I embellished with my chalkboard doodles. 
I added my usual overload of banners.
(They just make me smile!)
I am happy with the outcome,
But I am even more happier with the fact that I can change the pictures whenever!
All it takes is a little snag at the washi-tape.
Maybe my habit of change will be satisfied for a while...:)
Y'all have fun crafting,