Saturday, September 14, 2013

Decoupage Composition Notebook

This past weekend I made a fun bet with 3 of my friends.
We said,
"Whoever can last the longest without having an instagram account,
the other two girls have to buy her a pedicure,
and feed her grapes and fan her during the pedicure."
 I was in immediately.
I knew it would be for the best.
instead of "instagramming" in my meantime,
I have been crafting up a storm.
My most recent project is my composition notebook!
My math teacher recently asked us to "swag up" our notebooks,
which is now the inside joke of our whole class.
In my opinion,
 40 year old women shouldn't use the word "swag",
but I hope she enjoys how I "swagged" mine up.
To do it yourself,
start collecting the supplies.
-Composition Notebook (Spiral would work.)
-Modge-Podge (I used Martha Stewart durable multi-gloss Decoupage.)
-Lots of Ribbon (Not all of mine is shown.)
Cut the ribbon to fit, 
leave some extra on the end for caution.
Pull the ribbon pieces off,
and paint a layer of modge-podge at the top.
I found it easiest to paint each row for the ribbon as I go, 
so the modge-podge at the bottom doesn't dry.
Don't forget to tear a piece of paper off,
and stick it between the top and the book pages.
Last time I modge-podged a journal,
the pages were all sealed shut with the decoupage.
Paint layers on top of the ribbon as you go.
The decoupage should be above the ribbon and below the ribbon.
Once you have completely covered the notebook,
wait patiently for it to dry.
While waiting, 
clean your brush.
When it's dry,
cut the edges off.
Now your notebook should be "swagged" up too!
Y'all have fun crafting,

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