Friday, September 27, 2013

Sticker Laptop

I pretty much have the cutest little sister ever.
Lila Mae.
The other day she walked into my room,
and our conversation went as following...
Me: Hey Liley Smiley. 
 (F.Y.I: That's big sis code for "Hey Lila.")
Lila: Would you take this test I made for my imaginary class, so I can grade it?
Me: Sure! But only if you promise not to mock me if I miss any...
Lila: Okie dokie! Thanks!
(Once I finished, she took it up...)
10 minutes later...
Lila: You missed two.
And that was that. 
How does the 8th grader miss two questions on the 3rd graders test?!
and she didn't keep her promise of not mocking me.
At all...
On the bright scheme of things,
I have a super simple idea on how to "update" your laptop.
I went to Binks,
our local outdoors store,
and bought all the "preppy" stickers they had.
They even threw in a free flag. :)
Then I assorted them onto my laptop.
I've seen many people do this to their water bottle as well,
which is super cute!
Y'all have fun crafting,

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  1. Super cute! And, yes you have one cute little sister (a couple of them actually!)