Monday, September 23, 2013

Muffin Morning

I have always had a thing for muffins.
I don't know why I've never had a sweet tooth,
but when cake is served, 
I rake off all the icing to get to the cake part.
I guess I'm weird like that.
So to fit my craving for some "cake",
this Sunday morning,
I decided to surprise my family with a little breakfast treat...!

They loved it!
I love muffins so much, 
that for my birthday this year,
I asked for muffins instead of cake!
(This made my sisters real happy...)
Of course with my mom being a blogger and all,
(She blogs here!)
she had to make my muffins "cute".
I woke up to a tower of muffins served on a chevron cupcake stand.
14 muffins had striped straws in them,
and we drank out of old milk bottles.
Isn't my mom amazing?!
I think my family enjoyed the pre-church treat.
It was a happy way to start the day.
It is a great idea to do the same for your family!
Y'all have fun crafting,


  1. I think YOU are amazing! You need to teach me a thing or two about photography. Those pictures are amazing! And, the muffins were good too! :)

  2. Great photographs for your blog! Cute stuff!!

  3. Well aren't you the cutest thing! Making muffins. Darling photos and they LOOK yummy too. Thanks for sharing your sweet post. We could totally be friends. I'd eat all your icing ;)

  4. Very cute and professional Daisy! I will be following you for "fresh" ideas : ) Terry Elrod

  5. Love your blog, Daisy - and your photos are beautiful! i can't wait to see what you post here...this one makes me want to go make some muffins!

  6. Daisy, I am loving your blog! And you've got some rad photography skills! And I officially am craving muffins :)

  7. Beautiful pictures Daisy! You made me hungry!

  8. Great idea! I think I'll have muffins for my birthday and muffins on Sunday morning are always good.