Thursday, July 25, 2013

Crafting Supply Station

My absolute favorite store in the whole entire world is the Paper Source.
It's totally precious.
They sell everything from cute paper to superhero aprons.
They sell owl lunch boxes to stick on mustaches.
The only bad part is,
They don't have one where I live. :(
They do have one in New York City,
Which is where I'm headed right now!
This makes for one happy girl!
Last year in New York,
I went on a shopping trip with spending money on hand.
I started my mini shopping trip by going to the Paper Source.
Not a good idea.
I left with no spending money left,
But I also left with the cutest buys ever.
I bought a beautiful stamp that said "Homemade By".
(The mini banner in the picture above would make for the perfect rainy day craft!)
Along with multi-colored twine and ribbon.
I bought a pink embossing machine,
With multiple embossing powders.
But my favorite part is,
I had a wonderful place to show my finds off when I got home!
This is just a tiny part of my crafting station,
And I cant wait to show you the rest in the future!
Y'all have fun crafting,

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