Tuesday, July 16, 2013

DIY Fabric Crayon Caddy



My little sister's birthday is coming up...

And I wanted to make her a cute, homemade present.

I decided on making a fabric caddy for her crayons.

It was all well and good,

Until she walked in on me making it!

I tried to hide it,

But there was no use.


Long story short,

The soon to be 9 year old was able to get a birthday present early.

She was very happy with her present,

So all is well.

(And I had a blast making it!)


Fabric cutter (Scissors would work!)

Fabric (I recommend thick fabric.)

Crayon or the art utensil you are creating the caddy for


Elastic (I used a hair band, but I would use a more durable elastic.)



Not shown above:

Needle and Thread

Sewing Machine

I began by cutting the fabric to the size I needed.

I found this size by folding the fabric in half,

and I used a crayon to determine the height.

I cut the ends off to create a good length.

Once I was content with my size,

I folded the fabric with the right sides together and ironed it.


And sewed the ends shut.

I folded back to the right-side up,

And sewed along the bottom.

I created a pattern of my crayon.

Be sure to leave some cushion room for the crayon to slide in easy!

In order to make sure my lines stay the same width apart,

I pinned on my pattern to sew around.

Once I sewed all of the lines,

I hand-sewed my button on the last crayon slot.

(No crayon will be able to go in this slot.)

Sew on your elastic.

In order to find where you need to sew the elastic,

Roll up the crayon caddy to see where the elastic needs to go in proportion to the button.

Mark it with a pen.

Your precious project is done!

Hopefully your little sister won't find it before her birthday!

Y'all have fun crafting,


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  1. That's so cute! Such a great idea :) Tell Lila Happy Birthday!