Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Color Block Painted Crate

I really wish I could see you,
So I could talk to you...
Instead of write to you.
I wish we could paint together in the midst of conversation.
I would invite you on to my front porch to sip on Sweet Tea.
It would be lovely,
But as for now,
I will write to you.
Today I will write to you about my color block crate.

I was in a painting-kinda-mood.
To fulfill the mood,
I snatched a handful of paints,
And grabbed a crate.
( Don't forget your bowl for water, paper towel, and plate for paint!)
There really isn't much to say other than PAINT!
I painted each panel a different color.
Waited patiently for it to dry...
Now your masterpiece is done!
It makes for great storage,
A good garden-picking basket,
And a wonderful home for wildflowers!
Y'all have fun crafting,

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