Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Cute Mug Picture Ideas

Merry Christmas Eve!
I just got back from a week of Disney.
(So yeah, I'm wiped out.)
We went with lots of families,
so there were lots of laughs & memories.
While everybody bought Disney t-shirts,
mickey ears,
and Disney ornaments,
me and my friend Madeline bought tea!
We went to "England" in Epcot,
and stocked up on about 60 Twinning's tea bags.
Whoop! Whoop!

I have found that I prefer to drink tea out of cute mugs rather than actual tea cups.
I think it makes for a cuter picture...
While I have been trying to take the perfect tea picture, 
I have experimented with lots of ideas!
I used a timer on this one.
I set this mug on a log,
and placed some plants under it to give it a pop of green.
I have to drink tea when I doodle...
it makes the moment more elegant.
And cozy socks make any picture sweeter.
I think this would make the cutest instagram pic. 
 For this one,
I sweet talked my mama into coming outside to take this picture in the 30 degree weather.
This picture was from a while back,
so I guess I've always loved mug pictures.
You can go enjoy that old blog post over a lovely cup of tea.
(That would also make a cute picture.)
Y'all have fun crafting,


  1. Cute socks & mugs! Merry Christmas, Daisy!

  2. Super cute! And, I might just have to sneak some of those great new teas... :)