Saturday, December 28, 2013

Washi-Tape Pictures On Mirror

I've always loved styling rooms.
I prefer placing a pair of cute rain boots on my floor ,
rather than hanging a picture on a wall.
It's kinda weird.

Whenever I get a PBteen magazine in the mail,
I look at the desks & the bedside tables to see how they styled them.
Sometimes they have a mason jar filled with twine,
or books stacked with a couple of stamps on top.
I think styling gives room "meaning."
When you look in a room,
you should be able to see what kind of person lives in it.

To make things even better,
styling is usually cheap, if it isn't already free!
My newest favorite thing to do,
 is washi-tape randomness onto my dresser mirror.
It looks cute whether it's your own artwork,
a cutout from a magazine,
a picture,
or even a letter.

It adds character to my room.
 I use my beloved washi-tape to stick the pictures up.
You can see more about where I store my wash-tape here!
 I will get some more fun ways to style your room on the blog soon!

Y'all have fun crafting,

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