Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sheet Music Banner

Every year,
as a little tradition of my own,
I go straight up to my room after the Thanksgiving meal to turn Christmas tunes on.
I jam out to Silver Bells,
Jingle Bells Rock,
 Santa Claus is Comin to Town,
and all the other goodies.
This year I decided to add to the fun-ness.
I pulled out the Christmas tree!
Decorating a Christmas tree while jamming to Christmas music can't get much better.
This year I based my tree off of my sheet music banner.

< Supplies For The Sheet Music Banner >
-Hot Glue Gun 
-Twine {any type of string to hang it on.}
- Sheet Music {book pages would be good as well.}
-Pen or Pencil
Create your desired shape.
Mine was about 3 inches wide,
and about 5 inches long.
Trace the desired shape onto the sheet music.
Cut the shapes out.
Hot glue the banner pieces onto the twine.
Continue these processes,
and you banner should turn out adorable!
It all looks so pretty when it's lit up!
Y'all have fun crafting,


  1. Your tree is so super cute this year! Can I share it on my blog as well? :) I LOVE how you use your talents! LOVE you! Mom

  2. What was the sheet music??