Thursday, February 13, 2014

DIY Modge Podge Notebook Cover

Let's all take a moment,
and thank the good Lord for modge-podge.
What would a crafter do without it?!
I haven't pulled it out in a while,
 so I was beginning to miss it.
The only thing I didn't miss,
was the smell.
When I use modge-podge
My momma usually comes upstairs to open my window.
It's one of my absolute favorite routines.
Nothing like having two of your favorite things in one room...
modge podge and your momma.
<< Supplies >>
Old Magazines
(It would be no fun to rip up new magazines!)
Brush For Modge Podge
Begin by cutting your paper to fit the notebook cover.
measure how large you want your triangles to be.
Cut out a pattern to follow.
Start ripping out cute pages from old magazines!
Use the pattern to cut the triangles out.
Glue the page onto the notebook.
Cut off the excess from the sides.
Now to the fun part...
Modge Podge!
If you aren't familiar with the process,
coat the notebook with a layer of modge-podge to apply the page on.
 go over the top of the page to seal it down tight,
and to get a cool texture.
Let it dry...
and you are done!
Way too cute!
And last but not least,

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  1. This is such a cute idea! And who doesn't love a good excuse to use mod podge?! :)

    Amanda @ A Mother's Craftuition