Monday, February 3, 2014

Instagram Crafternoon

The crafternoon was a total success!
Be prepared for more to come!
The girls and I crafted away for an entire two hours.
I took lots of pictures during the party,
so I could share them with you!

I was quite frustrated with myself once I realized that I took no before pictures of the party!
At least I snapped these!
I ended up with 7 girls!
I went over my limit of 6...
I took over my mom's dining room,
and set up a bar complete with all the supplies!
Our first craft,
most definitely the biggest hit,
was the instagram wooden block!
We took some super fun shots with them!
To follow up the wooden block craft,
we made some props for the photo booth!
Mustaches are a must-have for photo booths.
We even had fun with the mustaches out of the photo booth!
The party hats were also a big hit!
And looked way too double cute in the photo booth!
I used my chalkboard wall as the photo booth backdrop.
As a snack,
we munched on "instaGRAHAM" crackers.
I thought the messes were precious!
Full of color!
For our lemonade,
I used milk bottles.
To wrap the party up,
I packaged up their crafts and added a personalized tag!
It was quite a creativity filled Saturday!
Hopefully there will be more to come!

Y'all have fun crafting,

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