Monday, March 3, 2014

Pom-Pom Letters

News Flash:
School is out tomorrow!
We had a snow day today,
(with actual snow on the ground),
and now we are out tomorrow!
My snow day today consisted of being a "front desk lady."
My sisters had some friends over today,
and I joined in on the fun.
You are now speaking to the co-owner of, 
The Nottingham Hotel.
I was also the front desk lady!
I spent my time making VIP passes,
taking calls of celebrities who stayed at the hotel,
and drawing out maps of the different buildings.
Before I started working at the hotel,
I made some pom-pom letters!
Hot Glue Gun
CardStock Paper
Hole Punch
I began by tracing letters on to the card stock.
I cut them out.
Then I hot-glued...
...And hot-glued some more...
Lots of hot-gluing later,
I had super cute pom-pom letters.
I am still having a temporary pom-pom obsession.
The trouble is deciding where to put them!

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