Sunday, March 2, 2014

Yard Sale Dress

Saturday was the first yard sale of the season.
how I have waited for yard sale season to begin.
I miss waking up at 7:00 on Saturday mornings.
I miss the Chacos and Nike shorts.
I miss swinging by Bojangles for biscuits.
But it has finally arrived once again.
And I started out the season with good luck.
I ended up with a $4 dress that I adore.
This weekend was kind of a cheat though...
it was an indoor church yard sale.
The actual yard sales won't begin for another few weeks.
*Sad face.*
I also bought bed risers for $1!
I found that to be a sweet deal too.
It raised my bed like 4 inches...
so now it's a work-out to get on to the bed...
Which means the bed risers may only be temporary.
I also think if I fall off the bed,
I may break my neck.
The drop would be pretty far...
I told my mom they raised my bed so high,
it could be a bunk bed.
I would offer my friends first dibs on the lower bunk.
(Under the bed.)
That way,

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