Friday, March 28, 2014

Printable Ice-Breaker Questions

Spring break is here.
No school.
No plans.
This means there will be lots of chill-axing...
At the last crafternoon,
see pictures of it HERE,
I used handy dandy "Ice Breaker Questions."
They were a hit!
Answering the questions kept the conversation running smoothly,
and kept the laughs rolling.
I made up a printable of all the questions,
so YOU can use them too!
You can print the questions HERE.
They are great for parties or just a fun thing to do with a few friends!
Whenever there was a "lull in conversation",
I pulled out a question and the chatter started!
I wrote out the fun questions on paper,
and accordion folded them for a fun flair.
I hand-wrote mine,
but thanks to the printable,
you can PRINT yours!
I wrapped some book pages around a can, 
so the questions could be displayed cute.
I love getting to know the girls better in such a short amount of time!

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  1. the link to the printable just takes you to a blank page =(