Friday, January 3, 2014

Cow Head Decor

Recently ,
I shared with you about one of my favorite Christmas presents.
It is certainly unique...
I got a cow head!
And I love it!
my little sisters are scared of it.
I tried to get a picture of my 9 year old sister with it...
that didn't go so well.
Still no picture.
And I'm still trying to think of a good name for the cow.
Something southern & sweet.
Y'all have fun crafting,


  1. Hi Daisy, I really like your cow head hanging on the old door. And your chalkboard wall is very nice too. You've got great style!

  2. How about Mabel, kind of in honor of your sisters. They may not be as afraid of her if she's their namesake. Or is that they are her namesake? I'm confused! Anyway ...