Sunday, January 19, 2014

Yarn Wrapped Letter

ya know.
Sitting on my bed listening to my 'Jackson 5' pandora station.
I've recently been obsessed with 80s music.
Right now,
'Man in the Mirror' is playing.
you know it's bad when your mom walks in your room,
and knows the words to all of your music.
But on another note,
I made a yarn wrapped letter!
It's super cute & and super duper easy.
it does require some time.
<< Supplies >>
-Paper Máche Letter
{I decopáged mine with paper in a previous craft, 
so they will not look like this in the store.}
Tie the yarn on.
just keep wrapping,
I have to admit,
 I did cheat.
On the difficult angles,
I hot glued pieces of yarn to fill the gaps.
You end up with a cute piece of decor,

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