Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Crepe Paper Banner

HaLf DAy!
Can I get a "whoop whoop"!
Half days are the bomb diggity.
Except the one today where we did remediation...
But on the bright side,
it was only 3 hours of remediation...
Oh well,

I did have fun doodling on my remediation papers!
I also had fun thinking up new blog post ideas,
and dreaming of my future store....
To get back on topic,
I made a crepe paper banner once I got home!
I used crepe paper,
a hot glue gun,
and twine.
It is pretty self-explanatory...
Cut a little strip of crepe paper.
Fold over and hot glue top.
It is quick to make!
Once I finished,
I had a quick photoshoot with it.

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