Sunday, January 26, 2014

Note-Taking & Doodles

You will usually find me at school,
 in my desk,
 doodling on a scrap sheet of paper.
To be honest,
I have a sheet dedicated to doodles in each subject's binder...
My "Doodle Sheets" are always filled!
I am really not a huge fan of school...
so I gotta do something to keep me entertained!
When I'm not doodling,
I am decorating my notes.
I put more effort into the color pen I use,
rather than the actual subject.
It's way more fun!
I begin with the header.
These are a few common headers in my notes.
 I gotta add some doodles to keep the eye entertained.
I punch in some brackets.
I add side notes with a funky thought bubble.
It jazzes up the boring subject!
sorta kinda.
School just isn't very fun in general...
but I try to make the best of it!

{On a "side-note", my current "crafternoon" is full! But good news, I have plenty of interest to host another one. I would love to hear feedback on what kind of "crafternoon" you want me to host next! For example, age groups and themes. Please email me requests at! I also have a poll in the sidebar! Thanks!}

Y'all have fun crafting,

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  1. Oh this is so wonderful! I love doodling and making my notes pretty too- after all school isn't exactly the most exciting place ;) I just followed you on bloglovin the instant I found your blog, I love it! So excited to have found your blog and keen for new posts xx