Monday, January 20, 2014

Fort Building

When I was little,
I was pretty skilled when it came to fort building.
I figured out which blankets were the longest,
which chair was the tallest,
and what books were the heaviest.
It got intense.
So when me & my friend were trying to figure out what to do one day...
I decided to go back in time,
and build a fort.
Although this time,
we weren't playing house or fighting off bad guys.
we made some hot tea in cute mugs,
turned on 'Nancy Drew' on Netflix,
flipped through some magazines,
and ate a Pinterest inspired lunch in it.
(Mini muffins & banana chocolate chip quesadillas...they were interesting...)

But the coolest part is...
we slept in it!
Besides the back pains the next day,
is was fabulous!
Hopefully this will provide you & your friends some fun.
It's a great way to set the phones down,
and do something!

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