Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Mini Town

This past week was a full on adventure. 
   My dad and I spent 3 days at Disney World.
We were what you call "those" Disney fanatics. 
We were at every park when the gates opened, and stayed 'til their latest hours. We got fast pass, after fast pass. 
We hit it hard.
 As much fun as the trip was,
 I am happy to return to my peaceful hometown.
 As I sit here on the plane writing this post,
 I'm so excited to share with you my latest project!
This is mainly a fun way for you to release your inner creativity!
There is no tutorial,
 just a bit of inspiration.
I call it my "mini town".

You can see that I gathered most of my supplies from the pantry.
The white building is a cereal box covered in paper.

Notice that the street sign is a straw.
The roof is made out of scrapbook paper.
The siding is washi tape.
And, the door knobs are buttons.

The telephone booth is a wood scrap,
but a juice box might work as well.

You can also have fun decorating the inside of the boxes.
I made rugs out of paper scraps,
and wall art out of paper and stickers.
I did raid the doll house furniture from the playroom.

 I even made a mini banner out of scrapbook paper and twine.
There is no "wrong way" to make a mini town.
Just use your imagination and have FUN!

You can use it for a cute and quirky display.
A town for your little sister to play Polly Pockets.
A place for your brother to race his Hotwheels.
AND, it will be a fun way to spend time with your younger siblings.
Y'all enjoy crafting,


  1. Love your blog! In my family we define extremely tired as "Disney Tired". Looking forward to your posts.

  2. Love the town you created! Did you know that most younger children have not experienced a phone booth? Keep up the good work! LC

  3. Sounds like so much fun for you and your dad! I found your blog through your mom...she's pretty proud of you and I can see why. :)

  4. I love your mini town. What a creative way to share time with a little brother or sister. Fun for both! Disney with Dad sounds like fun too.

  5. Your creativity and imagination is delightful.

    Briana from Texas

  6. I came for a visit from your Mom's blog. Her pride is definately justified. I am going to be steering my 10 year old granddaughter to your site. She is creative and I would love to have you share your ideas with her. There are so few good sites for young people and I am delighted with yours. Thank you. Regena in TN. Just down the road actually.

  7. We're Disney kooks too :) Your proud mama sent me over and I'll just mosey over to my bloglovin' feed and pop your blog in there. Great mini-town!

  8. I'm so proud of you...and so thankful for our adventure. Love,Dad

  9. Great post. Admire your courage and imagination to start a blog at your age! Glad you and your dad had a good time. Cherish those moments. P.S. Pass on to Dad that he gets points from the blog world for having dad/daughter time. He sounds like a good guy :)

  10. Lila: "would you rather.... go to Disney World with daddy.... or get mauled by a tiger?"
    Daisy: "... i'm thinking."

  11. Visiting from mom's blog too. I admire your creativity. I'm one of those people who freeze at a blank page that should be part of a scrapbook but remains blank. Your mini town rocks. Maybe I'll try it with a 7 yr old friend this week. No "writers block" with her! Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Super cute!! love it!!

    (Matthew's mom from nbyg)

  13. Very sweet blog. I will be showing my 10 year old daughter what other crafty girls her age are doing! Keep on, girlie!