Friday, June 7, 2013

Stamp Storage

As you know by now,
I love to make crafts using household finds.
I use cereal boxes, scrap pieces of fabric and wood, cans, or mason jars.
I love to make ordinary...
It really is a beautiful thing to turn unwanted objects into valuable treasures.

  • string- I used bakers twine. (Yarn or ribbon would also work.)
  •  paint brush
  • letter stamps
  • old can
  • craft paint
  • stamp pad
  • tag - (made from a cereal box)

I began by painting the can.
You may have to paint 2 coats,
 to have a solid color.

While the can was drying,
I started making the tag.

I stamped on the word "stamps."
You can stamp on whatever you like.
You might want to use it to hold pencils,
or scissors,
or hairbands.
You get the idea!
If you don't own any stamps,
you can always just write on the tag!

To finish it off,
I attached the tag with string.
I wrapped the string around the can a few times to add some interest.
This would also make a lovely centerpiece.
I can just see it sitting in the middle of a table filled with wildflowers.
Y'all enjoy crafting,

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  1. Hello Daisy..
    Congratulations on your blog! It's very festive looking.

    I think it's great you create nice objects from all kinds of materials. Good for the environment, good for you!