Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Room

Several people have asked me to post pictures of my room.
My room was decorated on a tight budget.
It is full of yard-sale treasures, hand-me downs, and Goodwill finds.
The tight budget forced me to be creative,
so I ended up with a room full of character.

I love to lay down at night, 
and read by my DIY ribbon lamp.

I love to walk into my room,
and immediately see my artwork.

I love to craft with my full organizers.

I love to get ready in the morning,
knowing that the dresser was used by my Grandmother long ago.

I love walking into my chalkboard closet in the morning,
and being greeted by my giant pom-pom flowers.

I love to study at my desk,
and be surrounded by things I love.

I love to look at my great grandmother's typewriter.

I love to choose a good book to read off of my ladder bookcase.

I love to pin inspiration onto my burlap covered board.

I really love being in room.

Y'all have fun crafting,


  1. What a fantastic space for creativity! Great photos too :) Being so crafty, I wonder (as a mom, *wink*) if you keep your room pretty tidy? My creative daughters, when still at home, weren't so awesome about cleaning their crafty messes :)

  2. I love seeing all the bright colors and creative things you have done to your room. It is wonderful!

  3. Such a cute charming room with wonderful vintage touches! Such a fun space!!
    Love it all,


  4. I got your comment on my basil bread and I came over to check out you site. I love your room. It looks so comforting and chic at the same time. Great job and great blog.