Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Old Door Photo Display

Instagram and old doors are my weaknesses.
I had to find a way to pull them together...
This past week, I went to a graduation party.
All the graduates set up a little area to represent a bit about their life.
I looked around, and I spotted a rather creative display.
She had her Instagram pictures clipped on twine!
Immediately, I thought of my old door at home,
which I had bought at a yard sale for $10 not too long ago.
Wouldn't it look precious if I had my Instagram photos hanging on it?!
This is the finished product...

It fit perfectly beside my dresser.

 I just love glancing at my favorite pictures throughout the day.

 It's good I have two full-time models, my younger sisters, to help me out with my insane picture ideas.

I decided to give the classic chalk pictures a go myself.

I have to admit, I am proud that I introduced my friends to the exciting thrill of a Goodwill find.

With all this said, my true "love" is being creative.
Y'all have fun crafting,

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  1. love the idea! where/how did you print your square pictures?

    1. Thanks! You can print them square at Walgreens! I will do a post about it.

  2. Super cute! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!